One of the wonderful projects of 2022 was the decoration of a dental clinic on the Isle of Usedom with one huge and several small murals.

As a general rule, the bigger the project, the bigger is the preparation. My client had a very specific forest in mind for the big mural, so I went there first for a little hike and took several hundred pictures.

As a next step I took some of the most fitting pictures, put them together in an overall concept and  made some small sketches in Acrylics, where you can see the generel lighting and the majority of the elements I wanted to use for the final mural.

After getting some feedback from my client, I painted the final, bigger sketch on paper, true to scale with the space at the wall. After some more feedback the final draft looked like this:

And after another month of work on location, this is the finished mural. Both the client and I are very happy with the result. I hope for some more of these commissions, there’s almost nothing better than painting sunny woods for hours on end.

Here are some details from the big mural:

And here you see the smaller murals, the one with the animals for the children’s play corner, the seagull at the registration desk and the welcome writing at the lobby: