I love to paint to music, let the thoughts flow and the ideas  sprout while listening to the songs. For that reason alone, I’m always very happy to design artworks for musicians, to experiment and paint outside the box.

I was especially lucky with this project, because Turtleneck does not only make sunny but also very witty and thoughtful music. When I got the project, I decided very quickly, that my usual water colour style would not be a good fit and I started experimenting.

But not always does the first idea catch on with the client, which makes this stage all the more interesting.

Here you can see some sketches, that show the development of the idea from multicoloured sea dwellers toward the turtle housing project done in the hidden objects style.

Here’s the final artwork in a bigger size, so you can identify the small details, too. I drew and painted the individual pictures in 30 x 50 cm and added the seperately painted sky background later at the PC, so that it would also be possible to decide to print some really high-res posters in large sizes later.

I always love projects involving music, so if you are a band looking for a fitting artwork for your next album, just leave me a note at art@jennomat.com and let’s develop an individual concept especially for your music.