Get your kitty painted

You are looking for a unique gift for yourself or a beloved cat owner in your life? You have come to the right place! 🙂  I paint artistic and realistic cat portraits customized for you.water colour - illustration - cat - favorite pet - animal portrait - tabby cat

No time to read the whole article? Here’s the short version:

  • I paint your cat in water colour
  • you choose between full body or portrait or quick sketch version
  • you choose the size
  • the price depends on your choices, have a look at the price list
  • you send me some of the best high-res photos of your kitty and optionally a little character description to
  • you deposit half of the prize before painting and the second half after I finished, before shipping
  • 10 € of every painting go to our local animal welfare federation
  • Shipping is 10 € within the EU
  • I send you the unique water colour painting of your unique cat.


I’m a trained water colour specialist and painting cats is one of my greatest passions. Some way or the other, there always was a cat in my life, so I had plenty of opportunities to study them.

pencil - cat sketch - study - illustration - how to paint a cat
studies of my cat – pencil
Capturing kittie’s character

My water colour cat portraits benefit a lot from all that kitty drawing time. My goal ist to not only paint the likeness of the kitty but to also capture her character.

water colour - illustration - cat - favorite pet - black cat - animal portrait - original and painting
Colin and his portrait

Every cat has its unique expression and mixture of being elegant, clumsy, cuddly, playful and – of course – sleepy. So I would be very happy – and the finished painting more closely connected to your special little critter – if you send me some info about your cat, along with the photo(s) I would use as reference.

Reference Photos
cat photo - reference image for water colour cat portraits
reference photo for the water colour painting
water colour - illustration - cat - favorite pet
cat portrait – water colour and gouache

I know, taking a good picture of your cat is not always easy, they tend to be shy of the camera or are moving around, so that parts of the image are blurry. But cats also love to chill in the cutest poses and make the cutest faces. This is your chance! The best reference images are taken from the same eye level as your kitty.

Please avoid using the flash of your camera. I’m sure every one of us cat owners has a flash picture of their cat, where her eyes are glowing like that of a monster from a horror movie. Daylight is your best choice. All the details, the shiny fur and the special colour of her eyes are best captured in daylight, too.

You can send me the pictures via email (to or you can upload them, for example into your google drive and just send me a link. Please do not reduce your photos in size, the higher the resolution, the better the resulting cat portraits.

Maybe you want to have a portrait of your beloved cat that’s no longer with you, but none of the pictures you have is really ideal. In this case, it’s a good idea to send me several of your best shots and we work out a nice composition together.

The process

If you send me several photos as reference images, I show you some small sketches you can choose from,  before I start with the ultimate portrait. In this way you can be certain, that you will be happy with the result.

Speaking of choice, you can decide, whether you want to have a “real” portrait of your cat, meaning I paint mainly the head area, or if you want your whole kitty to be depicted.

As a third option I offer a quick water colour sketch of your kitty. It will be painted mostly wet on wet, giving it a fresh, loose quality with less details than an elaborated version – and it is less pricy.

water colour - illustration - cat - favorite pet - black cat - animal portrait
a “real” cat portrait – mainly the kittie’s head
water colour - gouache - illustration - cat
the whole kitty is painted including a bit of background
water colour - illustration - cat - favorite pet - black cat - animal portrait - sketch
the sketch version of the cat portraits – mostly wet on wet with fewer details

If you are curious you can watch me paint cats on my Youtube channel. I uploaded some time-lapse videos of my process there. Here’s one as an example:

Depending on your choice and the complexity of the image it takes me a couple of days up to two weeks to finish your painting.


The prices for my water colour cat portraits also vary with the complexity of the painting.

Apart from the sizes and options I listed here, you can contact me, if you have a special size or design wish (if you want to add a portrait of yourself to your cat, for example). I’m very happy to paint according to your visions.

Once you decided which portrait option you want to go with, deposit me half of the price via paypal or bank transfer to secure your commission time slot.

10 € of every painting go to our local animal welfare federation for all their incredible work.

price list for water colour cat portraitsWhen I finished your water colour kitty I send you a picture of the painting for approval or small changes you want to be made. When you’re happy with everything, you send me second half of the price plus the delivery charges and I pack up your painting securely for shipment.


I’m delivering from Germany using insured shipping within the EU  (including UK) with DHL for  10 € . If you are located anywhere else, please contact me for an individual shipping offer.