Jenny ThalheimMy name is Jenny Thalheim and I was born in Saxony, in the South-East of Germany. Currently I work as an illustrator in Greifswald, at the Baltic Sea.

There were always two sources of inspiration for me: the beauty of the nature surrounding me and the beauty of the imagined worlds, that come to life in books.

I adopted some skills for painting nature, especially flowers, in my porcelain-painter-training-days. And because curiosity hasn’t killed this particular cat yet, I continued my learning process ever since.

I gathered knowledge on (advertising) psychology, successfully completed a correspondence course on desktop publishing and regularly take part in schoolism courses, taught by the giants of the industry like Bobby Chiu and Nathan Fowkes.

At the moment I’m working on two wonderful projects. One where I can act out my love for illustrating fantastic books (an extensive book on mythology in this case) and the other, in which I can experiment quite freely with expressionistic styles as I’m illustrating a complete CD booklet.

Some of my clients: